Thermoplastic injection
molding in Brescia

We are a company specialized in the injection molding of thermoplastic materials and technopolimers using an innovative production line capable of guaranteeing excellent quality standards.

From our headquarters in Montichiari in the province of Brescia, we work every day with care and passion to prepare plastic moldings for our customers throughout Italy and sorrounding countries as Germany, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Austria, Grece, The Netherlands, Belgium, etc. Keep reading

Maximum attention to the quality


in molding




Mold design and optimization


Innovation in injection molding

Our machinery is made up of latest generation presses with a centralized raw material supply system. We also have a refrigeration system to keep the temperature constant during the molding phase.

The molding can be carried out on small and medium components, having a range of various tonnages with which to optimize the different items based on the required size.

There are also three-axis robotic islands that take the finished product for packaging separating it from the scrap.
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